Previous Donations by Elham Valley & Wye Lions Club

Purchasing a Paul

With our Lions Logo and club name on it for going to any world wide disaster where clean water is required for a period of time

Pilgrims Hospice

Tuesday 4th December we collected at the Racecourse on behalf of The Pilgrims Hospice and over 240 was collected - thank you to everyone who gave some of their hard earned winnings.

Both The Pilgrims Hospice and Elham Valley & Wye  Lions Club were kindly given a sponsor of one race each

Kennington Scouts

Elham Valley & Wye Lions Club gave Kennington Scout Group a donation of 500 towards their new Scout Hut. Donations were recieved from local organisations and businesses and the building is now up!Brenchley Hall which had been the Group's Headquarters since 1959 was demolished to make way for the Kennington Scouts Community Hall.See Community Hall Appeal website

Christmas Float Fund Raising 2011

As you know some of the money raised from this event goes to taking some of our elderly community out for a days entertainment. This is a really special day for them, some of whom live alone and rarely get the chance to talk to others and have a bit of fun. We have already booked up this years day at Westenhanger Castle and arrangements are being made for transport, entertainment, food and all the other things that go to make a special day. 


Brabourne and Smeeth a local youth football team   

We have sponsored this team and they are now the proud owners of a new kit and very smart they look too. Good luck to them for the rest of the season.


A trip to Disneyland for a terminally ill little girl who lives in the area, we helped to pay for. Without help the family would have been unable to go and I am sure you will agree that this is a very special way for the funds you help us raise to be spent. We sincerely hope they had a great time and our thoughts are with them through this very difficult time


Some of our funds go to other Lions Clubs in parts of the world suffering from hardship from disasters.

This money goes direct to the local club who then oversees the project to make sure the money goes to where it is needed.

This is a fantastic way to ensure that all the money is used responsibly and it is reassuring to know that the people who look after the money are local men and women in the community, just the same as our little club here!

Some recent donations have been for Haiti and Australia.