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International Welfare Projects ILCF

Lions Clubs International Foundation funds a number of programs and initiatives to address humanitarian needs on a local and global scale, including preserving sight, combating disability, promoting health, serving youth and responding to natural disasters.

Through the SightFirst program, Lions are upgrading and establishing eye health care systems in underserved areas worldwide. The program is having a significant impact on eliminating and controlling the leading causes of preventable blindness.

Lions assist the disabled by constructing homes, providing vision screenings to Special Olympics athletes and working locally with programs for disabled. The Foundation also promotes health through increased awareness and numerous grants for clinics, hospitals and health programs.

Youth has long been a priority of the Foundation and Lions alike. In addition to grants to build schools and sponsor youth camps. LCIF has been sponsoring the Lions Quest school-based, life-skills program for more than 25 years.

LCIF helps Lions respond to natural disasters through two grant programs for immediate and long-term relief and reconstruction.

Relief Following Disasters:


East Africa

See the link to a document giving information how Lions (and you) are helping in this crisis.

 /public/UNICEF East Africa Appeal.pdf


Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

With the expected death toll now exceeding 18,000 and rising, the devastation is clearly greater than anyone could have imagined. And more than 400,000 people are still in shelters, in the cold, often going without a hot meal for days on end. Now that the roads have re-opened, Lions from all over Japan are sending relief aid from every corner of the country -- 30 tons of rice is being sent from Sapporo, US$50,000 worth of baby formula from Hokkaido, and women's health products from the southern area of Shikoku - all through the Lions network in Japan. Within a day of the disaster, many courageous clubs distributed 20 tons of food, water and emergency supplies, despite great risks and challenges to themselves. Even our Lions blue-colored Lions relief tents are being delivered to give shelter for Lions volunteers and other relief workers in the hardest-hit areas. To distribute the aid effectively, the Lions of Japan quickly set up four Lions relief aid warehouses in affected areas. Lions are coordinating relief aid distribution with local government officials and with the Japanese Red Cross. As a result, Lions are helping coordinate blood donation campaigns within Japan. As you know, we have 31 Lions clubs in Sendai - the largest city affected by the quake - and nearly a club in every town up and down the coastline. Whether it's clothes and food today, or shelter next week, or a wheel chair the week after, Lions will be there to give dignity to those who have suffered such unimaginable pain and suffering.

Haiti Earthquake

August 2010 Building Hope by Building Homes Six hundred Haitian families will move into new homes thanks to an initiative between LCIF, the Lions of MD 111 Germany, and HELP, an international non-governmental organization (NGO). This is the first of many reconstruction projects to receive support from LCIF thanks to the generous response from the international family of Lions following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Through the project, homes will be erected directly on a family's plot of land, thus avoiding the hardship of further displacement and any potential property disputes. The building of these homes is an important first step toward reestablishing normal life for families who lost their homes and so much more after the earthquake. LCIF continues to support the Haitian Lions as they serve the neediest in their communities with many other initiatives: 3,000 people continue to live and receive their basic needs in three Lions-sponsored tent cities in the communities of Delmas, Blanchard and Carrefour-Feuille. The Haitian Lions operate a house in Port-au-Prince that serves as temporary housing for skilled volunteers. For example, medical volunteers and doctors providing free surgery to burn and trauma patients from HumaniTerra stay in the house. Haitian Lions are at the forefront of high-level planning meetings for the redevelopment of Haitian eye care services. In May, Haitian Lions attended a meeting of the Haitian Eye Care NGO Collaboration Group and representatives of the Haitian Ministry of Health to prioritize needs within the Haitian eye care system. .


Earthquake in New Zealand

Lions have been providing assistance since the devastating earthquake February 22, and LCIF is providing US$110,000 to help Lions in providing relief to their communities.   

In the past week Lions services include:

       Delivering 500 portable toilets to Doctors Surgery's, Nurse Maud Assn. and households in eastern suburbs

       Going door to door in the suburbs with the Red Cross to find those who need assistance

       Providing grocery and fuel vouchers to families in need as well as food, bedding and water

       Volunteering at welfare centres in Christchurch and Timaru

       Raising $34,000 during a weekend fundraiser

       Distributing meals through a food caravan in Christchurch

       Lions from neighboring areas traveling to Christchurch to assist in relief projects, such as door-to-door  outreach,               delivering food and helping with clean-up

       Lions in neighboring towns are organizing dinners for displaced families and housing for Lions in need

       Staffing two daily shifts to assist at the national Red Cross coordination office in Wellington

       Delivering a 40,000 litre tanker of fresh water to the suburbs of Christchurch

       Providing weekend breaks to families to escape from the city for two days.

Other disasters

Following devastating flooding in Australia, LCIF provided four emergency grants totaling US$50,000 to aid local Lions in their relief efforts. LCIF also awarded US$10,000 to Lions in Brazil following massive flooding. Funds helped purchase relief supplies for those who have been displaced by the flooding, including food, water and medicines. LCIF provided relief for other recent natural disasters, including in Sri Lanka, Philippines and elsewhere. When disasters strike, Lions are often first on the scene to provide immediate relief and the last to leave. Each year, LCIF awards nearly US$2 million in funds to support both immediate and long-term relief. These humanitarian efforts are a direct result of Lions' generous support from around the world.